Antiquity Siberian

Brief information about the Omsk State Historical and Cultural
Museum-Reserve “Antiquity Siberian”

The «Omsk State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Antiquity Siberian” is situated in Bolsherechye settlement 200 km. from Omsk. Museum-Reserve "Antiquity Siberia" is the only museum in Omsk Region - "living history". The museum-reserve "Antiquity Siberian" was formed in 2014 by merging the cultural institutions:

Нistoric-cultural complex “Antiquity Siberian”

The architectural complex "Antiquity Siberian" includes 13 objects, 5 of which are monuments of history and architecture of regional significance. The territory of the museum-reserve is located in the historical part of the village, the merchant houses are preserved in their original form, some of the objects were transported and restored. The architectural complex represents the era of the late 19th - early 20th century. In these objects there are museum expositions that characterize the traditional life of the Siberian village, interactive workshops and folklore groups. For today in the museum-reserve there are 5 exposition zones: "Holy Russia", "Merchant Manors", "Peasant manors", "Trade in Siberia", "Crafts of Omsk Priirtyshye".

Bolsherechye historic - ethnographic museum

The exposition of the museum occupies the area of 200 square meters. Objects of the museum display are more than 20000 units. hr. basic and scientific-auxiliary funds. The museum shows visitors the history of Bolsherechye and its region development, the flora and fauna of Bolsherechye land.

Archaeological and natural park "Batakovo"

The archaeological and natural park "Batakovo", located in the Bolsherechensky district, is 150 km away. north of Omsk on the left bank of the Irtysh. Batakovo is a unique natural park in the whole of Western Siberia. On its territory there are plants of steppe, forest-steppe and taiga zones. Medicinal and protected plants, some are considered rare in the entire territory of Siberia. The park is interesting not only by nature, there are many archaeological discoveries, monuments, finds. In the natural boundary Batakovo you can get acquainted with more than 150 archaeological monuments of different epochs, beginning with the Stone Age and ending with the late Middle Ages. Ancient sites, settlements, burial mounds and soil burial grounds, fortresses, remains of necropolises and cities with the age of more than 2000 years.

Picture gallery

Its unique collection of works of art among regional galleries can be daringly called the pearl of Omsk region. The exposition of the gallery is set in 4 exhibition halls. The main body of the gallery’s collection is art works by great omsk painters, graphic artists, sculptors. Also the gallery deals with local professional and amateur painters and craftsmen. The gallery sells works of art by professional and amateur craftsmen.

The museum-reserve “Antiquity Siberian” revives folk crafts, customs and traditions, local folklore traditions, and forms of traditional management. Nowadays “Antiquity Siberian”, offers visitors nearly 40 types of services, which include excursions, museum lessons, entertaining and game programs, participation in the reconstructed traditional rites and folklore and ethnographic festivals associated with the traditions of the national calendar.

Megaprojects aimed at preserving of the cultural heritage of  Omsk region are implemented  on the basis of “Sibirian olden time”. The staff of the Museum-Reserve develops and implements programs addressed to a wide audience - from children to pensioners.

Very popular projects: "Revival of folk, festive culture in the Museum-Reserve "Antiquity Siberian", "Revival of traditional crafts ", "Siberian possessions of Santa Claus".

The museum met guests not only from Omsk and the Omsk region, many regions of Russia, but also the inhabitants of Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, USA, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, China, France, Holland and other countries learned about the Siberian outback.

Welcome to the Museum-Reserve "Antiquity Siberian"

Gulko Alexander Dmitrievich - Director of the Budget Institution of Culture of the Omsk region "Omsk State History and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Antiquity Siberian”

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